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7 Famous React Apps: Examples

7 Famous React Apps: Examples
Priyank Panchal,
December 11, 2023

Anyone with expertise in information technology will tell you that the constantly changing environment might make it tough to choose a framework for front-end development.

Even though Angular is their default framework, not all businesses will see its value. Because of this, looking at the websites of big companies like Facebook and Uber that have used the React and React frameworks is a good idea.

The primary focus of this blog post will be on React application examples, but first, let’s examine why you should use React.

7 Prominent Examples of React Apps

React is commonly utilized for developing applications that can function on platforms. Both web and mobile app development also offer opportunities for using React.

Below are eight React JS application examples conveniently categorized for reference.

Prominent Examples of React Apps

FinTech Application

Facebook Ads

Only Facebook’s advertising platform provides users access to all of Facebook’s advertisements. These ads can be seen on your news feed, Messenger, websites, or apps. There are types of ads, including images, videos, slideshows, and more which can be tailored to specific target audiences.

Facebook not only developed the React Native app for Android but also pioneered this type of app within the company. It served as a demo app for the React framework.

Irrespective of the task at hand, the program operates swiftly. Whether you’re launching a campaign or evaluating its effectiveness, it takes no more than a second to retrieve data or move to the next step.

As you gain experience with these applications, you might start contemplating creating your own. This article will provide insights into what it takes to develop an app for technologies.

Software As Service Applications (SAAS)

• Walmart

Walmart is a company that has over 11,000 stores worldwide. Their main office is situated in the United States. They offer a shopping experience and features like product search and price comparison in their software, which is built using React.

It has been stated by developers that React Native allows them to reuse 95% of the program’s code base across both platforms. In addition to this, they claimed that to accomplish the mission, they simply needed a single group of JavaScript developers to work separately.

Without requiring users to write code, Walmart intended to broaden its user base beyond iOS and the specifically targeted devices.

According to Walmart, one of the most notable benefits of using React Native is the ability to employ the automation suite for both the iOS and Android platforms, which speeds up the development process for both apps.

Also, it gave Walmart control over the release dates of updates, which allowed them to enhance the overall consumer experience while improving their performance.

• Uber Eats

Talking about simple react apps examples, the next in the list is Uber Eats. It combines ride-hailing services with food delivery, expanding on Uber’s core operation. It acts as a mediator between customers and restaurants, bringing take-out meals from both chain establishments to your doorstep. This platform offers an on-demand food delivery service.

The development team learned a lot while working with React Native. Developed React Native apps with cutting-edge features that significantly improved usability for end users. Even though it’s only a small part of UberEats’s technological stack, React Native is making a big splash there.

Some adjustments were made as a result of the Restaurant Dashboard’s redesign. Specifically, that component. Enhanced this component’s responsiveness and gave it more features. This framework unquestionably improved the app’s usefulness by including mobile development, and it did so without making its operation more complicated.

• Wix

One example of a React application is not Wix. Instead, a popular and extensively used cloud-based website construction service. With this platform, individuals may build their websites without hiring expensive web designers or developers.

The Wix website makes building, updating, and managing responsive websites easy with a rapid and intuitive user interface. Wix provides an option that makes website creation easier for people of all skill levels.

Wix overcame adoption hurdles and kept moving forward with the help of React. The development process is now more flexible, thanks to React. It has made it easier to incorporate changes. Maintaining an up-to-date version for bug fixes enables contributions to the React app project.

In addition, projects like calendars, UI lib (library), notifications, and React Native navigation are now within reach thanks to React. These efforts are now underway, and progress is being sustained.

Chatting Apps

• Facebook

React is a scripting language that is incorporated into the code of applications. Facebook utilizes React for its website, although it’s not their dependency. Additionally, they employ React Native, similar to React but tailored specifically for showcasing iOS and Android components rather than DOM elements, for their mobile app development.

To exemplify an application developed using the React framework, it’s important to mention that Facebook was where it all began. Recently Facebook released an updated version of the React framework called React Fiber.

• Skype

A good example of an application is Skype. The service is hosted in the cloud and enables users to engage in audio and video conversations via the internet by using their web browser, personal computer, or mobile phone and connecting to the internet. Those who utilize Skype are also able to.

Listen to and watch videos of your messages. Notably, Skype is based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, meaning it does not need landlines or cellular plans to function.

• Instagram

Instagram is a social networking site that allows users to share content, like photos and videos. It’s an example of a React app. Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2012, initially launching it on iPhones and later expanding to Android devices. People have been using it since then.

IReact has played a significant role in Instagram’s progress. You can tell this is happening since Google Maps now provides geolocation services, accurate search engines, non-hashtag tags, and APIs.

Regarding code reuse, the two Android versions are 90% similar. Because it uses React technology, Instagram can provide users with a good experience. Facilitates the efficient development of new features.

Wrap Up

So, that is the end of the road of react apps examples. Without a doubt, React is one of the options for building online or mobile app applications. However, picking the right architecture for their platforms is challenging for many businesses.

For this reason, it is prudent to contemplate using comparable frameworks for your development requirements when we observe that companies such as Instagram, Walmart, and Facebook are utilizing React applications. A reliable business associate, such as KNP Technologies, who can assess your needs and provide appropriate solutions, is invaluable.


1: What are some notable applications developed using React?

Many well-known apps, like Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp, Airbnb, Netflix, and Dropbox, have used React to develop their platforms. These examples illustrate the plethora of applications that can be found for React when it comes to creating flexible user interfaces.

2: How does React contribute to the success of these distinguished applications?

The efficiency of these apps is directly related to the component-based structure of React, which makes it possible to design and maintain the applications. By decreasing the amount of manipulation that is performed, React’s virtual DOM helps improve speed, leading to quicker rendering and a more satisfying experience for the user.

3: Can these React applications be applied across diverse industries?

Certainly, the highlighted React apps include various sectors, such as the media, messaging, travel, streaming, and cloud storage industries. Because of its versatility, React is a flexible choice that can be used in various sectors and easily adjusted to fit the requirements of various businesses.

4: What insights can developers glean from studying these eminent React applications?

Through examining these well-known React apps, developers are provided with direction on designing user interfaces that are scalable and pleasant to users. Developers can get inspiration to better their development projects by analyzing how these apps handle state management successfully, how they leverage React components, and how they implement solutions.