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Top applications of Artificial Intelligence – never heard before

Top applications of Artificial Intelligence – never heard before
November 28, 2022

Best of Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Global Businesses

Artificial intelligence (AI) has intensely changed the overall business landscape. The thing which had started as rule-based mechanisation is now proficient of simulating human interaction. It is not only the human-like abilities that make AI exclusive, but the advanced AI system offers far better reliability and speed at a much lesser cost as compared with its human equivalents.

Artificial intelligence is not only just a just a theory now, but it has several practical applications. As per the 2016 Gartner research, at least 30% of businesses globally will use Artificial intelligence in at least one portion of their sales procedures by 2020. Today globally most of the industries are taking advantage of AI to enhance their process and gain higher profits and revenues.

Let’s get some insight into the top 10 applications of AI that are globally being used are as follows:

Artificial Intelligence in e-Commerce – AI technology provides a modest edge to e-commerce industries and is readily available for all companies of any budget or size. AI
software mechanically tags, visually searches and organizes the content by labelling features of the image on products.
With the help of AI, locating visual signs from the uploaded descriptions, the software can effectively assist the buyer in finding the product they want, which is helping the e-commerce market grow faster as the criticality of organising things has become much easier.

AI to Improve Workplace Communication – Artificial Intelligence will help companies/ industries improve their internal and external communication by allowing individual personalization for each expert, allowing for improved focus and increased output.
With such technology, each individual will be empowered as AI will help to save time by understanding your goals and needs, take care of repeatable or mundane tasks, as well as endorse the next-best-action to be taken without putting any extra effort.

Human Resource Management – With the help of AI, the HR & recruitments work will be changing irrevocably and drastically in every business. In fact, HR is going to be one of the first areas that will benefit from AI firstly because, there are tons of best quality data and secondly, HR is a very essential part of any company and also goes through task-based pressure of time. It might seem absurd but the fact is that more AI a firm deploys in HR, the more ‘Human’ a firm it can be.

AI in Healthcare – In the coming next five to ten years, AI is going to have a vast influence on the healthcare industry and the ways they utilize AI. There already apps which are used by healthcare people to avoid medical errors by proposing both medical decision support as well as recording those events by electronic means in real time. AI improves predictability, reliability and consistency in quality and patient’s safety.

Intelligent Cybersecurity – Artificial Intelligence is already making great progress in cybersecurity industries. Although AI is deliberated to be in its early stages in cybersecurity and won’t effectively address all concerns, it works effectively in data protection/ safety. AI allows companies to detect susceptibilities or anomalous user behaviour in applications such as Financial or ERP systems.
So, even if assailants have entered into a victim’s system, AI start taking actions and as a result, any threat will get noticed and the damage is prevented.

Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain and Logistics – AI empowers trades to act on customer data to drive enhancements throughout various areas of supply chain processes. The “Urbanization” of things and Mobile technology have made customers famished for AI. AI helps the supplier to meet the shorter delivery needs of the customer.

Sports betting Industry – Human traders cannot participate with AI when it comes to analysing the huge size of data. With the help of AI, you can execute analysis of the vast sporting data available to exploit the accuracy when it about predicting future results. This proves useful in today’s vast betting market, where a large number of bets are offered to an increasingly voracious betting public.

Casino/Hotels/Integrated Resorts – AI can help casinos/ hotels/ resorts discover customer sections which they may not recognize were there like, which client wants to be near the pool, which ones need any special assistant before they start for their day. AI help the hotel management understand the needs of their individual guests before even the guests get aware of it. AI can be useful to compute active groups of guests to create fluid division in real-time.

Retail – When you shop online, AI automatically captures your individual product preferences, spending habits and channels through which you shop. With help of this digital data, AI-engine helps in bringing curated shopping experience to mass customers. Automatic bots create seamless customer experiences, helping the customer on their purchase history and identified preferences.