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How does the Pre-Design phase play the most important part in any Mobile App Project?

How does the Pre-Design phase play the most important part in any Mobile App Project?
November 28, 2022

A Mobile App project starts with a raw concept which gradually grows with brainstorming and market research. After successfully passing these stages, it’s time to start the Prototyping and Design phase which should be completed just before the App development begins.

With our number of years experience of mobile app development, we have broken down the different stages of the Prototyping and Designing process. Before the actual designing

starts, we must follow these Pre-Design stages which is important to have a flawless UI of your App.


Competitive Analysis

If your App concept is somewhat similar to the other Apps which are already into the Market; or else the Apps which belong to a similar target industry as yours – then your first step is to do a brief Competitive Analysis.

Follow the Apps that have similar features that you wish to have. Use this information from the competitors’ Apps to improvise your area where it lacks.

If your App concept is unique and you don’t see any competitors, then undoubtedly you should follow the latest UI trends with some elements of the market leader Apps.



It’s crucial to freeze the requirements of the App and to put it on a paper before starting the UI Design and Development of the App. Without finalizing the Architecture of the App, the goal of the project often fails to meet the actual requirements.

It’s quite important to create a functional specifications document to ensure that you have covered all the requirements; and that too should have included all the data flows and flow charts in order to make the Design Team understand the actual goal well. With the help of it, Designer will be able to understand the architecture to create the designs that meet the App requirements and it’s goal.


In simple words, the Wireframe is the rough sketch of the actual design that’s going to be used in the App which walks you through the App screens; so you can avoid any mistakes while designing the App screens. There are plenty of tools available in the market to create Wireframes. One can do the wireframing on a piece of paper as well!

Once the Wireframe is ready, it helps to ensure the Stakeholders to not only achieve the appropriate Designs; but also gives the navigation throughout the App with boosting the UX.

Our Business Analysis team and the Designers/ Developers will help you take your App concept to the next level. Let’s plan to build something innovative and great together which can benefit your business!