Top 5 Reasons to Choose React Native for App Development

Top 5 Reasons to Choose React Native for App Development

It has been always tough decision to choose the correct development platform for your Web or Mobile Apps. Having Pros and Cons of each and every platforms, you will be always looking for cost-effective yet scalable solution for your Apps.

Mobile Apps development market has been drastically transformed from Native development to Cross-platform after React Native has been introduced in the market. Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Choose React Native than Native Android and iOS or any else Cross-platform:

    1. Android and iOS Apps from one code base – Biggest advantage of React Native is – the development is done in one code base and it produces the App for both Android and iOS. By this way, less developers will engage in the project and in the least possible time, the Apps will be ready to publish!


    1. Optimized Performance – Apps developed using React Native give seamless experience to the users in terms of fast and smooth performance as the platform is based on JavaScript.


    1. Bridging with Native features – It’s quite easy as well as straightforward to integrate Native Android or iOS features into the React Native project development. That’s one of the most value added benefits from this platform.


    1. Easy UI Integration – The responsiveness of React Native supports the App to deal with different screen sizes of the Smartphones. React Native is the first Cross-platform which allows to create the App without compromising on speed, efficiency and overall look and feel.


    1. Benefits of the re-usability of the components – React Native development provides with the immense benefits of re-usability of the components throughout the Application development that saves the overall development time and henceforth the cost!