How the AR is transforming learning and helping to keep people safe online

Educators have always been the most intrepid users of AR technology. They have always been involved with finding new and innovative solutions to engage the young mind with latest technologies and modern gadgets that they enjoy most. AR is not only opening the world to educators but it is also impacting the publishers as they are getting more inclined towards the new technology. AR is opening up a world of possibilities for the publishers. The most burning topics involve cyber safety and the challenges of keeping young people safe in this vast digital world. There has been research involving AR having a positive impact on both visual attention and memory. AR enhances the learning experiences and opens up a large number of doors for young people.

Using AR to transform learning
Augmented reality in education is soon a possibility now. It is, in fact, taking effect and is transforming education. It has affected the conventional learning process. With AR, you have got the potential to change the location and timing of the study. You can also introduce new and amazing methods. With AR, the classes have become more engaging and information have become more encouraging. In the modern era, where everything is fast paces, education has to take a leap ahead with technology and this is where educators knew, learning process had to change. Learning has to be more creative and interactive. This is where AR comes in handy.

When you look at the stats, more than 80% of young people own a smartphone and are very active. They use their phone to browse through social media, listen to songs and many more activities. But very few use it for study. There is a huge potential of combining smartphones with AR for education. AR can transfer learning in many ways out which below are a few.

Augmented Reality Classroom
AR animated content in learning will be quite catchy. It could catch the student’s attention and at the same time motivate them to study. And with technology, we can also add more data to it to make it more interactive and more informative providing a wider understanding of the topic. One more thing that can happen is you can scan a certain part of the book and receive that information in text, audio or even video format.

AR helping in explaining difficult concepts
The most important use of AR in education is in learning concepts that are hard to learn. So, AR turns those concepts into 3D models, which makes it very easy to grasp the concept in a modular format. This is best for the person who is good as a visual learner and for them who translate the theoretical concept into models.

Engagement and Interaction
With AR, teachers now can involve students in 3D model process learning. It can be like a part of the teaser supporting the main topic with different perspective and information.

How AR is helping to teach cyber safety
AR is helping young people in terms of education but when it comes to cyber safety, this has some advanced features which help them. With the advancement in technology, there has been an increase in cybercrime like photo theft, defamation, hacking and so on. So, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Students should learn from the technology properly and not misuse it. Young people safety is of utmost importance and AR provides many solutions to tackle such issues. For example, let’s say, you are able to save a photo on phone but when trying to share it, AR will ask the age of the sharer. So, this will make both sharer and carer aware of the restrictions and obligations that you need to follow. With AR, you can be more secure than ever. Things like facial recognition are now in action and help identify and tackle the cyber threat.

Young people are evolving in this challenging digital world, So our way of reaching out to them and making them learn, teaching them should also evolve. AR is a fantastic way and one of the amazing solutions in order to do that. It helps illuminating print at home or even in the classroom, young people are more comfortable learning in this interactive and 3D model process. And last, AR helps find solutions when it comes to cyber-crime. It helps young people become cyber safe and away from Cyber Bullying. AR is helping young people learn empathy and they are starting to feel the connection.

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